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Link to the sundial in our garden

Map of Europe with SE England arrowed.


The Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly pattern was designed by Bob from a photograph he took of a butterfly in our garden.

The Stained Glass Window kit is based on the actual stained glass cross window in the east wall of St. Luke's Church and the other designs are based on banners that hang at various times of the year on the walls at St. Luke's. The "Winged Ox" is the symbol of St. Luke and can usually be seen hanging above the old high altar in the Memorial Chapel at St. Luke's, Stone Cross.

A framed version of the Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (above)
Below - Easter Card, based on the Alleluia Banner in St. Luke's Church
The "Alleluia" Easter Card (also available as a bookmark on ivory aida)

The Winged Ox, symbol of St. Luke
Winged Ox (above)
Stained Glass Window (below)
The Stained Glass Window (also available on cream fabric)


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