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Rowena makes a range of costume jewellery using a variety of beads. All profits from sales go to either St. Luke's Church or the Sovereign Disabled Swimming Club.

Items made include amulet purses, bracelets, crosses, necklaces and rings. The beads used include delicas, seeds, bugles, hexes and cubes, all hand sewn using nymo or c-lon thread. Stitches used include brick stitch, peyote, square stitch and daisy chain.

Bracelet sewn in basket weave

Pictured above is a bracelet made with small red seed beads and green double drop delica beads sewn in basket weave, a form of peyote stitch.

Below is a small cross sewn in square stitch using delica beads in red and white "England" colours and a pair of fun earrings.
Cross pendant in England colours A typical pair of fun earrings

Pictured right is a special bracelet designed by Rowena and Bob to reflect and celebrate the Church, Worship and Parish Centre of St. Luke's Church, Stone Cross.
Each bead represents a different aspect of St. Luke's. A large bead for the hall, three smaller beads for the meeting rooms, a wooden bead for the old high altar and various other beads for our priest, servers, candles, etc. The final feature bead is unique to each bracelet and represents a unique "You" within St. Luke's at Stone Cross.
For this bracelet, the beads are strung on elastic to fit various wrist sizes.

Detailed instructions used in Rowena's teaching workshops
Above, Bob designed a series of leaflets detailing the techniques of sewing various stitches for Rowena's teaching classes.

Below, the St. Luke's Bracelet.

A bracelet of St. Luke's Church and Parish Centre, Stone Cross

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