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An alphabetical tour of some of Rowena's work includes A for Amulet Purse, B for Bracelet (in Brick Stitch), C for Cross, D for Daisy Chain, E (and F) for Fashion Earrings, G for the pattern in a Pendant, and H for Hair band, which are all pictured below.A = Amulet Purse, B = Bracelet, C = Cross, D = Daisy Chain, E = Earrings, G = G Pendant and H = Hairband.

More of the alphabet in the final picture below include L for Lettering, N for Necklace, P for Peyote Stitch, R for Ring, S for Square (and Spiral) Stitch, T for Three Strand, W for Weave and Z for Zig Zag Pattern.

More pictures of Rowena's bead work.


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