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The sundial in our garden

Map of Europe with SE England arrowed.


The sundial in our garden, pictured new above and in 2006 below, was commissioned from Diana Hoare, a calligrapher who specialises in stone carvings and the making of sundials.
It is carved in Portland Stone and includes our initials, butterflies and interwoven brambles, which are our house theme.
The gnomon was made by a specialist in Ireland to give the correct summer time for our location and also features a butterfly.

Cherubs and the sundial in our garden

Pictured above is our sundial surrounded by summer flowers. The two cherubs, purchased recently at auction, are playing a tambourine and cymbals.

Below is the Portuguese chimney we brought back from Portugal in the back of our car following a touring holiday through France, Spain and Portugal in 1999.
Our Portuguese chimney


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