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The Chapels at St. Luke's Church

Welcome to the Chapels at St. Luke's Church.

The various areas of the building are colour coded on the plan below.
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Plan of the building with hot spot links to the various areas.

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The Blessed Sacrament Chapel lit by candle light.
Pictured above is the Blessed Sacrament Chapel where Morning or Evening Prayer are said before the weekday Masses. This Chapel is near the South Door and may be used for private prayer.

The Memorial Chapel, pictured below, has recently been established where the old Sacristy used to be before the Parish Centre was built.
The main feature is the old High Altar, which has the names of the dead from the First World War engraved on the front. The banner of St. Luke normally hangs on the wall above.

The old High Altar in the new Memorial Chapel.

Sanctuary> Chapel >Sacristy


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