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Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People, UK Registered Charity.

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Page logo Club Constitution (Post 27th AGM - 14th May 1999)
1. The name of the Club will be "The Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People".
2. The aim of the Club will be to relieve the physically handicapped by the provision of recreational facilities, in particular swimming facilities for the handicapped in the interests of social welfare so that the condition of their lives may be improved.
3. Membership may be full or associate.
a. Full membership is open to any disabled person on provision of a Doctor's Certificate stating that the member is able to take part in recreational swimming facilities.
b. Associate membership is open to any person who is willing to assist the aims of the Club.
4. The Officers of the Club will be drawn from either full or associate members and will be:
1. Hon. Chairman.
2. Hon. Secretary.
3. Hon. Treasurer.
4. Hon. Chief Instructor.
5. Hon. Deputy Chief Instructor.
6. Hon. Social Secretary.
7. Hon. Men's Swimming Representative.
8. Hon. Ladies Swimming Representative.
These Officers, with the exception of the Chief Instructor and the Deputy Chief Instructor, will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
5. The Committee will be constituted of the Officers, plus at least two full members. The Chief Instructor and the Deputy Chief Instructor will be appointed by the Committee.
6. The Committee will have powers to co-opt members.
7. A quorum for a Committee Meeting will be 5O% of its members plus the Chairman.
8. No alteration to the Rules or the Constitution will be made except by a majority decision at an Annual General Meeting and all Club members will abide by them, provided that no alteration shall be made to the objects clause (Clause 2), this clause or the dissolution clause (Clause 11). No amendment shall be made which will have the effect of causing the organisation to cease to be a charity at law.
9. Equal voting rights will be enjoyed by full or associate members over the age of eighteen years.
10. The annual fee for membership is valid until 30th April in any one year.
11. In the event of dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after payment of any outstanding debts or liabilities, will be given to some other charitable organisation or organisations or in default of this then to some other charitable purpose, as agreed at a General Meeting especially called for that purpose.
12. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee upon a requisition signed by five or more members of the Club stating the object of the meeting.
13. A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Club and all cheques shall be signed by at least two officers of the Club, one being the Honorary Treasurer.

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Swimming at Motcombe Pool, in the Old Town area of Eastbourne, every Sunday afternoon with the Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People.

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