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Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People, UK Registered Charity.

Sovereign Swimming Club Awards
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Our Club Wins the Freda Starkey National Award, for a second time, in 2003.

Firstly, congratulations to ALL our members - Helpers, Swimmers and Supporters, because it is your efforts that have enabled your Club to win a national award.

The Freda Starkey Award is presented by The Swimming Teachers' Association, through NASCH, to the club that has achieved the most with its members throughout the year and is open to over 100 clubs in the UK.

Pictured right is Club Chairman, Rowena, receiving the award on behalf of the Club at the NASCH conference at the Hayes Centre in Derbyshire on Sunday 23rd March 2003.

The award reflects the Sovereign Swimming Club's achievements in promoting Aquatic Activities for those with disabilities during 2002.

Rowena is presented with the certificate by Mrs Lee Robinson.

The award for 2000.
Freda Starkey Award 2000


The first time our Club won the award was in 2000.

We submitted a diary of Club activities, the highs but also the lows, during 1999 and were amazed as well as delighted to learn of the award to our Club.

The plaque, which is pictured left, is ours to keep.

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Swimming at Motcombe Pool, in the Old Town area of Eastbourne, every Sunday afternoon with the Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People.

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