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Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People, UK Registered Charity.

Introducing the Sovereign Disabled Swimming Club
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Our Disabled Swimming Club relies on VOLUNTEER HELPERS

Providing basic "Halliwick" support in the shallow end.
Providing help in the shallow end


  • Motcombe Pool, Old Town, Eastbourne.
  • At the pool side hoist and within the pool.


  • On Sunday afternoons.
  • Between 2 pm and 4 pm.


  • Helping with the hoist.
  • Supporting non-swimmers.
  • Swimming with the proficient.
  • Helping disabled people exercise in the water.
  • Teaching Achievement Awards.

Club Instructor providing swimming support for members.
Assisting and supporting members swimming lengths

All new helpers must complete our standard information form and agree to our Club Protection Officer carrying out a "disclosure" check with the Criminal Records Bureau.

The main area of help is required in the water, typically either supporting non-swimmers in the shallow end or swimming lengths with disabled members who are able to swim reasonably well but need occasional support, particularly in the congested areas at each end of the pool.

Not all members require help in the water and part of your time may be spent on the pool side operating the hoist, helping people in and out of the water or watching the pool. (Motcombe provide a lifeguard so, as a Club helper, special life saving knowledge is not expected of you.)

Training will initially be given by one of our Instructors. Where practicable we use the Halliwick swimming therapy method and outside training courses as well as books, DVDs and leaflets are available.

Come along to Motcombe Pool one Sunday afternoon, go through the double doors to the poolside, ask for Bob or Rowena and see what we do.
Alternatively, you can email us at graphic of address

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Swimming at Motcombe Pool, in the Old Town area of Eastbourne, every Sunday afternoon with the Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People.

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