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Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People, UK Registered Charity.

Reference Information about the Sovereign Disabled Swimming Club
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Extracts from our
Annual Report

The Club benefits the community by providing recreational swimming facilities for disabled people at Motcombe Pool, Eastbourne.
Club swimming sessions are held on Sunday afternoons from 2 to 4.15 pm and our pool hoist is available for public use throughout the week.

Chairman's Review
This is the twentieth Chair’s report I have given and as always it is a good opportunity to look at the highs and lows of the previous year and consider the future of the club.

The Sponsored Seafront Stroll raised more money than we have ever taken in one event. This was due to various factors. We set up appeal pages through Total Giving and opened a PayPal account so we could receive online donations and this proved to be very successful.
A number of our members and friends took part and enjoyed a meal at the Beach Deck Café after the walk.
Our helper situation has improved dramatically this year. We needed a helper pool of at least four so that we would always have two helpers every week. At that time we only had three so I put a helper appeal on a new local online networking site called Streetlife. Within a day I had a reply from someone who is now a valued member of our helper team. Also two more have joined us through the Do It volunteer website. This means that our helpers are able to spend time with some of our other swimmers who don't need one to one care but still appreciate a little support.
Looking to the future, we are really lucky to have our lovely swimming club and we must keep it going to support local community needs.

Rowena Gausden, Chairman

Club members and friends stroll along the seafront..
Club members and friends take part in our fund raising "Stroll" along Eastbourne seafront.

The 2015 Fun Gala.
"Down the Line" relay, the "Ball Game" and the winning Dolphins team in the 2015 Fun Gala.

Income and Expenditure 2014/15
Our own fundraising activities are again a major part of our income, which enables us to keep membership subscriptions at an affordable cost. New initiatives this year include an online Total Giving site, PayPal account and Facebook page. Events such as the annual draw, sponsored seafront fun walk and “Win-a-Car” are opportunities for many of our members to participate in, enjoy and also help raise funds for our swimming activities.
The vast majority of our expenditure is the cost of hiring Motcombe Pool and maintaining the poolside hoist. Over all, our income appears to have exceeded expenditure but delays in billing have resulted in 9 weeks of pool hire being excluded from this year’s accounts. The CAF account has been designated as reserve funds for hoist replacement.

The committee at the 2015 AGM.
The Trustees are pictured at the 2015 AGM.
Back row - Shirley, Michael, Giles, Ruth and Sian Front row - Chris, Rowena and Bob.
Of the eight Club Trustees, four are "Full" Members (ie disabled members) and four are "Associate" or Volunteer Members.

Membership numbers stood at 59 at the end of 2014/15. The number of disabled members has increased by two but our associate membership has dropped by five in the year. We have also welcomed new volunteer helpers.

The club remains active with new members joining. An increasing number of members, however, bring family, carers or helpers with them for support. Although paid membership numbers have reduced, the total number attending remains high and our club sessions continue to be busy. Our pool hoist and shower chairs are available for public use throughout the week.

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Swimming at Motcombe Pool, in the Old Town area of Eastbourne, every Sunday afternoon with the Sovereign Swimming Club for Disabled People.

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